PAC Framework V1


Framework for development application programs for programmable logic controllers

PACFramework is a set of interrelated sets of rules, guidelines, data structures and software elements designed to develop application software for software devices such as industrial controllers (PLC/PAC) but not limited to them.

This repository:

PACFramework (hereinafter “Framework”) is designed taking into account the standard requirements for control systems, modern world standards (ISA, IEC, ISO) and trends (Industry 4.0, IIoT). The framework allows you to quickly develop software for PLC/PAC and SCADA/HMI as part of industrial control system (ICS) with functionality sufficient for all types of processes and production: Continues, Discrete and Batch. The frame can be used for any programmable devices designed for control and management.

  1. Main ideas
  2. Control Modules (CM, Control Modules)
  3. Equipment Modules (EM, Equipment Modules)
  4. Procedural management
  5. HMI (human-machine interface) system standards
  6. Recommendations for the implementation of the PAC Framework on new PLC/PAC platforms
  7. Existing implementations

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